Are your products made in Australia?

Yes, all our skincare products are hand made in Australia.

Are all the products natural?

Yes, all of our skincare products are made only using 100% natural ingredients.

How do I know which products are suitable for my skin type?

All our products are suitable for all skin types. However, individual product detail can also be found in the description section for each product. Please read these carefully, as you are the one who knows your skin and allergies the best.  

If you have a specific question, please feel free to contact us either through our contact form or through email info@elesyaskincare.com

I’d like to try your products, but not sure which ones to start with?

Firstly, please read all our product descriptions and their benefits found under each product. We are about keeping your skincare routine to a minimum, however, we do have add on options to target specific skin concerns as well.

For a minimum skincare routine we recommend to use our cleanser, toning mist, moisturiser. We also highly recommend exfoliating once a week, to get rid of dead skin cells and avoid dirt build up. We also recommend our plink clay mask once a week to assist with detoxifying and further nourishing your skin.

For an extra boost we recommend using our serums as well. Serums are applied before a moisturiser and face oil. Please feel free to refer to our How to Use section or email us with specific questions to info@elesyaskincare.com

Are your products suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding mums?

Yes, all our current products are safe to use during pregnancy, however if you have any concerns with ingredients or essential oils please consult your health care professional. 

How long do I need to use your products, before I see visible results?

Your skin should immediately feel clean and smooth after the first use of our cleanser. Calm after our toning mist, and hydrated straight after our hyaluronic serum, face oil, and moisturiser. However, for specific serums such as our brightening serum you will need to consistently use it for at least a month to start seeing results.

Can my teenager use your skincare products?

Yes, our products are suitable for teenagers to use. Please keep in mind serums are not necessary at this age. Always stick to a simple skincare routine for teens such as cleanse, tone, moisturise, sunscreen. All our products are made using natural ingredients, so unless your teenager has a specific allergy to a certain ingredient, which you would know, then they are safe to use.

Do you accept returns for change of mind?

No sorry, due to health & safety regulations we do not accept returns simply for change of mind. However, if you receive our products and they are faulty (which we inspect before dispatch, however sometimes during delivery items can be damaged due to handling with shipping companies) then we will happily issue you an exchange or refund. Please refer to our Returns Policy for steps to follow.