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Welcome to ELESYA. I'm Tuba, a mum of 3 & the founder of ELESYA Skincare, Melbourne. 

After years of searching for products suitable for my overly sensitive skin I realised that I was limited for choice. Most products were designed for normal skin types using active ingredients. These might do wonders for some, but not for others like myself who have sensitive skin. Whilst trying different brands even some who claimed to be ‘natural’ and ‘suitable for sensitive skin’ I came to a point where I ruined my skin’s barrier & wasted so much money on products that did not deliver results. Most of these products were just too strong and packed with unnecessary ingredients. I suffered from redness, dry patches, occasional breakouts, uneven skin tone and just easily inflamed skin! 

I decided to stop using these products and just go back to basics for a while to allow my skin to settle down and focussed on building my skin’s barrier again. I started researching natural ingredients and decided to create my own products. After a few short months of using the products that we designed for sensitive skin, I was loving the results. So I decided to launch my own brand to help others in the same situation. 

The entire ELESYA range are made in small batches, right here in Australia. We hand select natural ingredients that are of the highest quality, to ensure all our products deliver real results. The entire range is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive and acne prone skin, also safe to use during pregnancy. Our products are full of natural anti-inflammatory, barrier repairing & ultra-hydrating natural ingredients. Try our products for a healthy natural glow!

We are committed to making our clients feel beautiful in their own skin using effective natural ingredients. We are also committed to providing excellent customer service - please reach out if you require any assistance, we are only an email away info@elesyaskincare.com

Thank you for shopping with ELESYA Skincare, and don't forget to connect with us through social media.